Tuesday, September 24, 2002

oh yes...so yesterday i painted my toenails a new color. this was very exciting. :-)

I got back last week's Hebrew quizzes! On the top they say "PERFECT!!" This is very very very exciting. Very Exciting. both of them! two perfect scores in one week!

I have been looking into getting DSL. bad news is, it's very expensive. SO i probably won't get it even though it would be beautifully convenient. the dial up is SO incredibly slow. Although apparently it is a minor miracle that I have a phone line! Several rooms in this building don't even have phone jacks--most of the building isn't wired for telephone! that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. oy.

I am getting my hair cut in two days. This is FABULOUS. I've not gotten it cut in about four or five months, which is very excessive. It is a desperate situation. I'm so happy to be going on Thursday. So it's almost only one day! This time, two days from now, my hair will be getting dried! woohoo! a mere 48 hours. I can hardly wait.

supervised ministry meeting this afternoon. I'm not doing my supervised ministry for quite a while yet, but i'm going to the meeting anyway because we are supposed to. yippee. i'm sure it will be simply thrilling. i need a nap first. i have about 15 minutes. naptime!!

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