Monday, September 30, 2002

so today they are aerating the grass. I was under the impression this is something done to HEALTHY grass in order to keep it pretty. there is a rumor going 'round that they are planning to re-seed the grass rather than sod it. this will never work, for these reasons.
1. squirrels. and birds. but especially squirrels.
2. standing water and continuous rain.
3. clay soil that is now topped with moss and mud due to overwatering of dead, dead grass.
4. it will take forever and the board of trustees (meeting here this week) will never stand for it because it looks SO TERRIBLE right now.

so there you go.

must read. reformed theology.
i'm still needing poll suggestions....
and, by the way, i got the veggie tales song out of my head. until i just saw it on my blog again. it may have to go away from the blog so that it doesn't continuously re-instate itself in my head, because it is SO annoying.
anyway. homework. class is in one hour, 13 minutes. must read. ta.

oh, one more thing....

someone got to my site by searching for "bobblehead jesus". I think that is so cool. anyway.

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