Wednesday, September 11, 2002

It is finally here, and it is finally almost over. Everyone's been dreading the day for one reason or another--memories, exhaustion on the subject, pain, religious reasons, desire for revenge, fear....
not much longer. Though many would say that this is no ordinary day, I think one of the most important things we can realize is that it is in fact an ordinary day. Our lives go on, much as it may hurt. Our lives go on, and those whose did not would want that. Our lives go on, because we have the opportunity to make a difference. To help end the fear, the pain, the war, the vengeance seeking. Without our lives going on and seeking peace, healing, reconciliation, forgiveness, wholeness, life will go on, and all the lives lost throughout the centuries will have been in vain.
So the day is here, and it is almost over. Soon we will have passed the one year mark, and life will continue--may we use it well.

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