Monday, September 09, 2002


1 entire book about baptism and how to get it right again after hundreds of years of messed up theology.
1 hebrew alphabet (aleph-bet, actually) memorized.
1 article on human tendencies to make "signs" and how that relates to the sacraments of the church.
15 things purchased at office max.
1 new pair of jeans purchased at JC Penney (very spur of the moment, I must admit).
3 bottles of water consumed in last 5 hours.
6 CD's listened to while reading.
0 phone calls from friends.
1 email from a friend.
1 church service attended.
1 silverfish killed.
1 left alive somewhere in the corner behind my ugly metal "bookshelf".
1 batch of "catnip tea" brewed and sprayed around my apartment. OK, not yet, but tomorrow. For now there is simply catnip in small cups all over the place--in corners, under things, in closets, etc. Catnip is a natural roach repellent. according to eartheasy it also repels silverfish, but that's not really working out for me right now.
3 times checked to see how many people visited this blog today.
2: number of people who visited this blog today (not counting me). Come on people! This needs to be better. Tell your friends, etc.
40 grapes eaten as a snack.
20 bites of moosetracks ice cream for dessert (not just following the snack: it was more like snack, dinner, dessert...)
0 crunches (or pushups or other exercise related activity) done. so far.

I guess I should organize those baptism readings so i don't have to search for the next ones. i'm going, i'm going.

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