Tuesday, September 17, 2002

yeah, so it's dark when I wake up in the morning. yet it's warm outside. dark when waking up = winter. and yet it isn't winter. though the grass outside, thoroughly killed (for some unknown reason) and now a swamp due to tropical depression Hannah, looks decidedly winter-esque, minus the frost, it is not in fact winter. But it is dark outside at 7am. What is up with that?
Today I am having a good hair day. don't ask why--simply accept. that is my strategy. I need to get my hair cut next week, then it will be much happier. and so will i.
Lunch today was very shady--I made a sandwich instead of entrusting myself to the sketchy cooked meal.
OH! guess what!! The guys are fixing my ceiling right now. yay!
Right. homework. I hope my entire apartment isn't being covered in paint or nastiness. i saw a spray paint can through the door--that is not good. but at least, hopefully, the ceiling will stop flaking off. that would be ideal.
right. homework...

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