Sunday, September 22, 2002

Three things in this post. (just to warn you...don't expect smooth transitions, etc. more of a list, really...)

1. The grass has apparently been killed off on purpose because it is some kind of grass that has to be replaced every so often, and now just happens to be that time. Some kind of grass, eh? It's fabulous and low maintenance and low bugs and whatever else--but you have to kill and replant every 5-10 years. Whatever.

2. My room. I have stenciled the walls with silver stars, swirls, dots, etc. It is so cool!!! I love it! I spent my afternoon doing that yesterday rather than doing homework. Well worth it, I say! I love it! I also did a little on the coffee table. I tried to do my bookshelf, but apparently the stuff doesn't work on laminate surfaces (and given that my bookshelf is relatively cheap, it is of course fake wood laminate...). You see, I didn't just do "stencils" where you have to paint inside them, etc. I did instant stencils. You just put the design (which is on plastic) on the wall, rub, and the design is transferred onto the wall. It's like instant paint, without the work or the fumes. Good times! YAY!!

3. My homework. I have much of it to do, because I did none yesterday. So I've been working on Hebrew this afternoon, having done Reformed Theology this morning. I am thoroughly frustrated because the assignment is to figure out the root of words, and find it in the dictionary...but there are so many tricks! if there are only two letters after you remove suffixes and prefixes, you have to figure out what's missing. The catch is that it could be any of three things missing, or it could turn out that the prefix is really part of the root, or maybe one of the letters is doubled and there's no evidence.....AAAAAAAARGH!

Anyway, I took a break to have a snack. I love quesadillas, so that made me happy. Now I'm going to go visit my friend upstairs until I feel like I can deal with that again. I'll let you know how it goes. Unless I kill myself with the BDB before then. ta.

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