Tuesday, April 03, 2007

dots of Holy Week

  • listening to the President's press conferences makes me angry. I really can't listen to too much or it makes me crazy. The last thing he said in his press conference today involved the word "civilization" RE us and not "them"--I could not believe my ears. Except I could. sad.
  • I love Holy Week.
  • I love Holy Week more when I don't have to preach in the middle of it.
  • I love Holy Week even more when the Senior Pastor isn't sick during it, causing me extreme anxiety RE Easter Sunday's sermon. (the rest of his family is better already but for some reason his illness is hanging on.)
  • I am taking the Confirmation Class to a Seder at the synagogue next door tonight. This should be exciting.
  • But probably not veggie friendly, which means I need a snack.
  • I was so excited about Passover actually falling during Holy Week....but that was way back in the day, before I knew I'd have to write a Maundy Thursday meditation. Now it just feels like another thing I have to do. But I know it will be great.
  • Ditto the people elsewhere who have mentioned that there seem to be a lot more sales calls this week than usual--what is UP with that? We're a church, people! We're kind of busy. Our admin hangs up on any call that is computer-generated or that begins with "hi, I'm from _______ (someplace we've never heard of or that we don't generally do business with)." While it seems horribly unChristian, she does it anyway and it really cuts down the time she spends on the phone. In theory.
  • I don't like thunderstorms. We had a HUGE one last night and this morning. I got very little sleep. My cats also were a little freaked out.
  • speaking of cats, mine are insane. In case you were wondering.
  • Is anyone else slightly intrigued by the CNN AC360 special this week (Wed. and Thurs. night 10pmEastern) called "What is a Christian?" I kind of want to watch it just to see. What are we, according to the news media?
  • I'm hungry....snack time is upon us.

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