Wednesday, April 11, 2007

winter wonderland

it's snowing.
a lot.
and then more.
it's wet and heavy, it's windy, it's getting colder, the roads are nasty.

I do not approve.

It's after Easter, people!

Although, this kind of weather makes more obvious the point from the Christian Century column for Easter Sunday--the fact that Easter comes in spring when everything is renewing and coming back to life makes us vulnerable to thinking that resurrection is part of the natural order, and it's just not. Here we are--mid-April, post-resurrection, and the world is white and cold and dead. But not Jesus!

That's all the thinking I can do for today. It's cold and nasty and it's spring--and that's making me sleepy and brain-tired. So I guess I'll try to do some work....


  1. Yeah, talked with mom this morning, she asked if we'd had snow last weekend, when I said yes, she was shocked. had been joking. she'll be even more shocked - we had some flurries today. but I don't care, am wearing spring outfits anyway!

  2. It's going to be 87 freaking degrees tomorrow!!! UGH