Friday, April 13, 2007


Here's what's left now that the "week before vacation" is down to the "two and a half days before vacation"...with commentary, of course

Things to do the now-less-than-a-week before vacation:

2. Get ready for 30 Hour Famine, which is the weekend after I get back! Want to help me reach my goal of feeding a child for a whole year? Donate here! Well, I don't know how ready I really should be, but I do know that I have a whole day and and half between vacation and the start of the Famine, so that's plenty of time to plan, right?

5. get ready for Youth Sunday (this Sunday!) well, things are ready--there's just the rehearsal tonight...and then I just have to let it go....

6. clean office. okay, at least TIDY office. Perhaps even simply "find desk." I found it, but it got lost again. dang.

7. clean house so other people can go in there to look after my kitties! I decided it was dumb to do this before the last minute because it would just get dirty again. But I did run the dishwasher--and empty it too! (my least favorite task)

11. pack
12. re-pack, planning for "just in case I can't check my luggage because of the time" with toiletries.
13. re-pack, with the things I forgot this time (pajamas, contacts, etc)

15. orient downstairs neighbor to house and cats...and strange cat behavior. I really should get on this...

19. pay bills...assuming they come before I leave. they came, but I haven't paid them yet. Tonight.
20. pay taxes (ugh). Picked up stuff today. Mailing tomorrow. still kinda bitter.

21. go to 4 meetings, three rehearsals, and a visioning event. Now just one rehearsal and the visioning thing, plus two worship services, a brunch, and confirmation class to go.

23. play with kitties a whole bunch so they don't hate me when I'm gone. This task will never be finished...

Why don't I feel like I've accomplished much? oy....

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