Thursday, April 12, 2007


my song of solomon 2:16 (a) ring has gone into a drawer. it's not true anymore.
there's been a ring on that finger since summer 2004 (first a Greek eternity ring, then the hebrew song of solomon one)--day and night, home and work and gym and bed...
my finger has the ring in it--I can see the outline when I move my finger.
but it feels naked.
I miss it.
I debated about posting this and decided to go ahead. It might come down later. We'll see.


  1. oh Teri - I KNOW what you are feeling/seeing. Sometimes my left hand ring finger still feels empty and it's been 12 years....or I have these dreams about waking up and thinking I've lost or misplaced my rings...startles the heck out of me.

  2. I take my wedding ring off whenever I do house/yard work, and my finger is all gross where the ring is. It looks withered and pale and awful. Looks like a child who has been locked away in the attic for 12 years by his parents. Like that movie Powder.

  3. so sorry, Teri.

    Thanks for posting it.