Monday, April 09, 2007

the week before vacation

Things to do the week before vacation:
1. Finish up Confirmation Lesson Plans for the next two weeks (not to mention this week!)
2. Get ready for 30 Hour Famine, which is the weekend after I get back! Want to help me reach my goal of feeding a child for a whole year? Donate here!
3. write tons of emails
4. schedule more youth fundraisers
5. get ready for Youth Sunday (this Sunday!)
6. clean office. okay, at least TIDY office. Perhaps even simply "find desk."
7. clean house so other people can go in there to look after my kitties!
8. do laundry, probably three times
9. bring cat food up from garage
10. arrange for someone to pick me up when I get home so my car doesn't have to sit at the Holiday Inn for 10 days all by itself
11. pack
12. re-pack, planning for "just in case I can't check my luggage because of the time" with toiletries.
13. re-pack, with the things I forgot this time (pajamas, contacts, etc)
14. go buy travel size toiletries, as I used them all on the last several trips
15. orient downstairs neighbor to house and cats...and strange cat behavior
16. get key to house copied so downstairs neighbor can have one and I can still keep one at church
17. find place to stay while on first part of vacation
18. arrange transport from airport in ATL
19. pay bills...assuming they come before I leave
20. pay taxes (ugh)
21. go to 4 meetings, three rehearsals, and a visioning event
22. talk to personal trainer RE exercising when traveling, so as not to undo all previous progress during 10 days of binge eating at fave restaurants.
23. play with kitties a whole bunch so they don't hate me when I'm gone.

I think that's quite enough...though I'm sure I've forgotten something. (see number

It's quite a week...

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  1. depending on your arrival -I might could help w/airport transport. And ditto on the housing for the first part of the week.