Monday, April 23, 2007

more dots

I'm on vacation. I don't have to write in complete sentences or coherent paragraphs. So there.
  • I love Buffy.
  • I also love Dr. Pepper.
  • I walked all over Amy's town yesterday. It was fun and lovely. I actually got a little sun on my arms--weird! And about time.
  • I read In an Instant, the book by Lee and Bob Woodruff about Bob being blown up and getting better. It was really good.
  • Now I'm reading Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. I don't agree with all the theology, but some of it is good. Plus the author is witty. I approve of wittiness.
  • Today we had a picnic dinner in a local park. So fun!
  • Did you know that Breyer's has Fried Ice Cream flavored ice cream now? and that it tastes just like fried ice cream? it is so good...yum. I am going to be fat when I get home just from eating ice cream.
  • Amy lives four doors down from the Woodrow Wilson museum/birthplace/presidential library. I am going to visit tomorrow.
  • I want to walk more places. I am going to try to figure out if I can reasonably walk to downtown Crystal Lake when I get home, assuming the weather cooperates.
  • I don't want to go home yet. Granted, I'm not going home until Wednesday, but still. I feel like vacation is too short. I want to stay longer and just relax in this cute town. But the 30 Hour Famine calls me. I still need sponsors--my kids are doing great with their fundraising but I have no sponsors! None! help!
  • Tomorrow night I will miss a session meeting. Oh darn.
  • When I am with Amy, I don't get many phone calls. It seems that she is the main person I talk to on the phone these days. But she's right here, so no need to talk on the phone.
  • It's Shakespeare's birthday. We went to the theater to see A Midsummer Night's Dream on Friday night. It was pretty good. A little odd...the fairy costumes were bizarre. We were sitting onstage, which was awesome. Oberon took my sunglasses off my head and wore them for a scene, which was funny. Anyway...yeah. Happy birthday, Will. :-) There's a celebration going on tonight at the theater, which is about a one minute walk from Amy's house...yes, she lives in the middle of a small town which is quite cool, why do you ask?
  • I miss my kitties. amy's kitties are cute, the same breeds as mine, and with similar personalities (or at least similar habits!). Anyanka, who is the same type of cat as Andrew, has been sleeping on my pillow, just like Andrew does. It drives me crazy when she does it too.
  • I must go to bed! I have a full day tomorrow! There are books to read, walking to do, Wilson library to visit, Jane Eyre to watch, kitties to play with, naps to take, food to eat, and a house to visit with Amy (she's looking into buying a house). my my I will be busy on my vacation Monday!

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