Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Prayer

We come running to the tomb this morning, O God,
breathless with fear and excitement.
The stone is gone, and Jesus is not there,
and we do not know what to do.

Will we simply go home, saying nothing?
Will we stay at the tomb and weep?
Will we go and tell the others?
Will we be surprised with a new grief, or a new joy?

On this Easter morning,
when you have made the world different,
we do not know what to say or where to find you…

and then you appear,
calling us by name
and sending us on a new journey.

Meet us here again this Easter,
call our names,
and we will answer
with alleluias long silent.

Thank you for bringing our alleluias back to life,
Thank you for this morning of newness,
thank you for the power of life over death,
thank you for bringing joy to overcome our fear,
thank you for your words of peace and love.


  1. Beautiful prayer Teri!
    I also musttell you the commet form one of your eledrs regarding same old, same old...jsut keep raising the boy!
    That is hysterical. It soudns so Soutehrn. Hard to believe that came from Illi.
    Hope your post Easter week is a good one. Take a nap!

  2. 1-4,
    the comment actually came from an elder who is from Arkansas! So it was a little southern....LOL!