Wednesday, April 04, 2007

what happened to spring?

it's snowing.

it was 70 degrees yesterday. Now it's 26 degrees.

It's been grey and nasty (and raining) for two weeks, but at least it wasn't cold. Now it's grey and nasty and SNOWING. forecast for Easter Sunday? snow. no accumulation, just flurries, but honestly...come on. it was spring, and now it's not. It's like some evil plan to jerk us around--get our hopes up after the bitterly cold winter, only to dash them in the snow again. ugh.

Having said that, keep reading below for info on our 30 Hour Famine. I'm cold, but they're starving. please help!


  1. First, I would like to point out that you are STILL spelling "gray" with an "e," which STILL drives me crazy. I thought we had talked about this. You should just change your name to Teree Petersen.

    Second, I did a Famine a few years ago in PA. Did you know that paper mills have HUGE 8' by 4' pieces of cardboard that they will just GIVE you? I went to one and picked up like 60 of them. Came back and had the youth build cardboard houses that they had to sleep in. On the sheets of cardboard, I wrote facts about hunger and starvation. (The usual 30 Day Famine many children die of hunger each day, etc.) It was probably one of the most powerful things we did the whole time. Aside from, you know, not eating. If you can find a paper mill nearby (like International Paper) you should check it out. Not only is it cool for the kids, but it will help you kill at least an hour while they work on it.

  2. Yeah, it snowed here yesterday too. I totally objected to it, yet it still snowed. Crappola!