Wednesday, April 25, 2007

my next-to-last plea...

Thanks to the several of you who have helped me out with the 30 Hour Famine! You're helping feed hungry children AND saving me from the embarrassment of being the one who doesn't reach the fundraising goal....(this embarrassment involves challenges, activities, and a hat during the lock-in...please keep helping me!).

I have $145 to go to meet my goal of feeding a child for a whole year. Can you help?
The Famine is this Friday!!



  1. You are closer than you think...check your fundraising page! :-)

  2. yay!!

    Thanks Sarah! And QG, and Dad, and Rachel. And Cheri and the Cairns' for offline donations. You all are great!

    Rescuing the world, one child (and one year) at a time...