Friday, April 06, 2007


I don't know how much more of the "politicians saying ridiculous things" phenomenon I can handle. I know it's hardly a new phenomenon, but still. In the same week the President has said that we are trying to help the Middle East "join the civilized world" and the former Speaker of the House Mr. Gingrich has said that we should stop bilingual education in our schools because Spanish is the "language of living in the ghetto" and his so-called-apology says he really just meant that English is the language of prosperity. oh my, that's better.
I think that's quite enough for this week, don't you? I prefer the Week to be filled with words such as "love one another as I have loved you" and "on a night like this..." and "he is risen!" I would even rather hear "it is finished" than some of the things I've heard on television and radio this week.

It's Holy Week...the week when we remember, when we celebrate, when we mourn, when we share, when we live and love because someone else lived for us and loved us first. It's hard to reconcile the messages of this week...which may be because that's not what it's about. This week is about victory, about triumph. Not victory over other people, not triumph of our way of life or way of thinking over someone else's...triumph of life and love over sin and death. And that is good news, even in a world that a lot of things I probably shouldn't write in a public place.

Holy Friday to all...

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  1. Teri - the news makes my heart tired and my head ache. Loved the second Maudy Thursday meditation - sounds like a satisfying service (I don't like to use words like "great" - maybe "wonder-ful" would do - for a service like this night's.