Sunday, July 14, 2002

after all of that, let me just point out some things about myself.
1. i have lots of stuff. most of it i don't need. i know that, and try not to buy more stuff i don't need.
2. i am actively involved in lots of different things trying to make the world slightly better, for as many as i can, which i grant isn't many, but if everyone did do the math.
3. i really believe all that stuff, and act it out as best i can. and yes, i vote. and pray. though not enough, of course.
4. yes i do things like go to movies (very occasionally, like today--the first time since i saw Star wars the day it opened), and i sometimes eat out, i also donate money, time, and stuff to various causes. I try my best not to be all talk and no action, though with limited financial resources i am that way at times. for example, i don't spend whole years building canals or houses or whatever in africa--much as i would like to--but i do make sack lunches for the homeless in chicago every week. so there you go.

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