Wednesday, July 17, 2002

prayer. it is a bizarre thing. of course it's a good idea, but it's so hard! today someone asked me what to do when you just can't pray...I didn't really have a good answer. my solution is usually that I don't--which of course is not a good idea. generally i spend time in community then (like at church, etc) because people then are praying even when you can't. That's why I went to church on September 11--because there were so many who couldn't find the strength to pray, but I felt like I could, so I went. so when I can't, I go in the hopes that others can. does that make any sense?
but what do you say to someone who asks what to do when they are at such a low place spiritually that prayer is beyond their reach? they try, and feel like they've failed? when life seems good but inside they feel empty? when people have said "you don't have to pray--just be still and listen for God" but that's just not possible because the waiting seems interminable? I don't know...

this is something i need to learn to deal with i think. hmm..

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