Thursday, July 11, 2002

Let me get this straight.

We, the USA, through our elected representatives, have refused to sign the treaty creating the international war crimes court....which we helped create, etc....AND we want complete immunity for american peacekeepers so that they never have to be brought before this court, which we refuse to acknowledge anyway...
notice that peacekeepers from other nations are not included in this immunity. Only americans, and other people who haven't signed the treaty. Which, once again, puts Americans in with iraq, some other "axis of evil" nations...etc... and why? well, "on grounds that other countries could use the new court for frivolous and politically motivated prosecutions of American soldiers." (from an AP report) Uh HUh. Because the fact that the americans don't have to be held responsible for their actions will make everyone who IS real friendly.
So, now, the US has made a "concession." We the people, making our demands and assertions that we are always perfect, are willing to continue peacekeeping (however effective that actually is anyway) if we can be immune for 12 months. With the option to extend by further 12 month periods anytime. sound like "forever" to you?

Just to recap: the US refuses to sign the treaty they helped author, AND wants to be exempt from the rules of it. Oh, the familiar american refrain of "we are so great! no one else can even compare! how could they presume to a) be like us or b) judge us? They don't even understand what it's like to be Americans! God bless america! We don't need any treaties...we have God! That's why the treaty shouldn't apply!" and so on, ad nauseum.

God bless everyone else, except the Americans. We seem to think we can bless ourselves.

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