Tuesday, July 23, 2002

my current favorite people:
John and Betsy Cairns.

They let me come to their house yesterday, all afternoon, and spend the night, because there was another heat emergency here and they know I don't have air conditioning. Bless their hearts, I slept excellently. and it was so nice to be there and they were all parental, making dinner, we ate pie and ice cream, watched tv, chatted....

parental-ness is excellent in small doses. having said that, i thought i'd be ok tonight because it was nice out today--but for some reason it's actually getting warmer as the night goes on (didn't anyone tell the weather fairy that that's WRONG!!??)--so it's hot in here.

I have had so much fun the last couple of days, it will take a little while to blog it all. Because I'm tired now, having woken up at a reasonable hour this morning to babysit my friend Maddy, who is fab. but just so you don't let me forget anything: dinner at Dick's Last Resort...funtime at the Cairns', Maddy's birthday present shopping, and Taize.


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