Monday, July 08, 2002

so, today it is hot. I should totally be at the beach right now, but it just got cloudy and I'm afraid those thunderstorms might come faster than the weatherchannel thinks.

Allergies are a strange thing. I don't have any, really, except to a laundry detergent that makes me itch. some people, though, have allergies seasonally, or based on weather or plants or animals or foods. I know there's something genetic about this, but whatever. Does that mean, since my familyis basically allergy-free, that if I marry someone who is also allergy-free, that my children would be allergy-free? or is this gene somehow getting weaker through the generations and so my grandchildren will end up allergic to everything from dust to pollen to cats to flowers to sun? Or is the recessive allergy-prone gene going to suddenly rear its head, making medical costs astronomical for my children? oy.

Not that I'm planning on having any children, there are no marriage prospects (or even boyfriend prospects) at this time....I'm just curious. A lot of my friends have allergies. I would be convinced that some of it (a large part) has to do with too-clean upbringings. Just go out and play in the dirt, ride the dog like a horse, and do kid things, for pity's sake. no need to stay cooped up in your dust free-twice a week cleaned-insanely sterile-disturbingly bubble-like condo, watching tv or playing video games. honestly.

And another thing I am wondering today. Fans. I LOVE my fan. why don't more people have them? if they did, maybe people wouldn't die of heat. it isn't like they are expensive. maybe everyone should donate a fan to an elderly person in their neighborhood who doesn't have A/C. I've done my part--the youth group donated four fans to the social service center at the church after that workcamp. I bought those fans! :-) (though in some way, once I get a check, the church actually bought them. but i had to drive that churchmobile (15-passenger van) to Target in a town I'd never been in before to purchase them.)
And dating services. online. Don't a lot of people lie on those? And isn't there a statistic like 75% of the people with personal ads in the paper are married or something?
And peeling sunburns. Why is it that my arm sunburn from two weeks ago peeled in a couple of days, but the one on my legs from last week (which may have in fact been worse...) is only peeling now? And why do they have to peel at all, cuz it's kind of gross. I know all about the skin cancer thing, yadda yadda yadda, but really.

homeland security. whatever. people are complaining about their rights being infringed upon by the pledge of allegiance. what about by Tom Ridge? sure, you can be detained forever for no apparent reason, with no apparent rights. sure, we can keep the country on "high alert" for months on end, making the public not care, not remember anything about a color-coded warning system, and ignore everything you say. sure, we can claim that all terrorists are from the "middle east" and therefore everyone else should be on the lookout for those "evil" people. uh huh.

anyway. enough of that for now. maybe i should read a book. if i keep reading the news i'll just be more and more annoyed.

btw: I love gardenburgers. yum yumyum.

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