Thursday, July 18, 2002

i got some cool new shoes today that make me 4.5" taller. Sarah bought the same ones. We walked all around the store trying on shoes until we found matching ones that they had in both our sizes. So exciting!!

Tomorrow afternoon Fourth Presbyterian Church will be in possession of several zafu pillows (they are like buddhist meditation cushions) that we can use for the Taize service. yay! :-)

I wish it would be a little cooler out, but still sunny, so i could go out and get some sun but not be so hot. ugh.

Do you know how many parables there are in the Gospel According to Matthew? 17. 18 if you count the "you are the light of the one hides a lamp" etc... That's a lot. How do I divide them into two successive Bible studies? chronologically? topically? some other way? I need to work on that.

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