Tuesday, July 16, 2002

i walked a lot yesterday afternoon. that's about it, really. I had an enjoyable time visiting my friend Bradley, and I watched about ten minutes of Fourthcomers Beach Volleyball. That's yesterday.
Today isn't looking much more complicated than yesterday, really. I have some Taize things to do, and Bible Study tonight. I am not leading YABS tonight though, so I'm kind of off the hook. woohoo!

I really like FrootLoops.
I really need to figure out how to make my checkbook register in my Edge. that may in fact make my personal accounting process actually viable--since i almost never write things in my checkbook if I use my debit card, and even when i write things down i never do all the subtraction, etc, so the way I know how much money i have involves calling the automated line at the bank and having it tell me.

Today is hot...and it's an ozone alert day. oy. I'm so walking to church anyway, because I need some sun so i can produce Vitamin D, after all. humph. I guess I have to take a shower first........lol

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