Saturday, July 20, 2002

blogathon, venetian night. blogathon, venetian night. blogathon, venetian night. I don't know what to do!! I could blog for 24 hours straight, trying to raise money for charity. The question is whether anyone would sponsor me. OR I could go hang out with friends that I won't be seeing much of in just a few weeks (because I'm moving away, obviously)...and see a boat parade and the biggest fireworks display of the year. Bigger than the fourth of july (which Chicago has on the 3rd--whatever). oy.

I went running again tonight, but this time with two friends. guys. gay guys, but guys nonetheless--mostly, anyway. ;-) It was good because one has a sore knee so wasn't able to run for more than about 3/4 of a mile--which was fine by me! LOL.. we walked the mile or so around to home, stopping at another friend's apartment to play with their new kitten, chat, and whatnot. good times.

I rented Kate and Leopold tonight. It was cute. I ate a whole medium pizza from Pizza Hut (mushrooms and black olives, I know you're all dying to know)...but without the outside crusts because they were too thick and chewy. that's pretty much my day. Oh! I downloaded three new games onto my Edge: backgammon, crystal quest, and minesweeper. woohoo! I amuse myself on the bus (when I get a seat on the bus, that is) by playing games on my palm. i know how geeky/yuppy that is, and i do it anyway. heheh.

I am supposed to meet Ken to run again at 10--so i should be getting to bed now. ta.

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