Friday, July 26, 2002

I did have something thoroughly clever to post about tonight. But i've forgotten. So you'll have to deal with slightly less cleverness just now, until it comes to me.

my current favorite person
Ken Chin. He helped me clean my apartment tonight. After my current least favorite people, the workers who are tuckpointing outside my window, sawed bricks outside all day (literally) and spewed a THICK layer of dust onto EVERYTHING in my apartment. My black furniture was cream colored. I was not happy. Now my apartment is cleaner and I am happier.

I've been out to play tonight and I'm sleepy. I have to get up early tomorrow because there are so many things to do--do laundry, get candles, set up the chapel, get vans, organize worship, lead worship, pack...yeah. I also have to read Cosmo, because I haven't yet. It's a busy life.

While I was out running this morning an older couple passed me on their bikes and the guy asked his wife "how fast is she running?" and I was informed that I was running 7 miles per hour, and doing a good job. heheh! One of the things that made my day--and my jog much more entertaining.

Did you know that at Home Depot you have to buy tools in the tools section? You can't pick some up and then do other shopping and check out with tools at a regular checkstand. You have to do it in their own little enclosed area. How bizarre.

there are so many people out there who don't know how to drive. They are Very Annoying.

I'm going to bed.

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