Tuesday, July 09, 2002

God must be a woman, because man is the devil

This is what I saw painted on the lakefront bike/walk path at Diversey today. I am intrigued. It was painted in red, along the white line dividing lanes from shoulder. (which, incidentally, is odd--a shoulder on a walk and bike path. anyway.) This is by far one of the most interesting pieces of graffiti I've ever seen.
So I'm out for a nice walk on a hot, humid, hazy day. I take the slightly long way to the lakefront path...i cross under the Drive at Diversey, and over the bridge, and see this. I contemplated it my entire walk. When I wasn't amazed at the number of people running without appearing to sweat in spite of it being nearly 100 degrees, and thinking about how much I'd like to have roller blades, that is. I drank my "enhanced water" in lemon flavor (enhanced with B vitamins, which is why I drink it...and the berry flavor is better...it's made by snapple, in case you're interested) and thought about a)why man is the devil and b)why that means that God has to be a woman. Now, granted, I believe it is entirely possible that God is a woman, or at least androgynous or otherwise beyond gender. And most of the time i agree that man is the devil. so why, you ask, does this statement intrigue me?
well, it's because it was painted on the road, I think. someone obviously feels strongly enough about this to actually paint it on a path that thousands of people use every day. what kind of bad relationship was this person in? or are they a man so disillusioned with other men that they can't take it anymore?
and aside from that, does it matter what gender God is? At least the person still believes in God, and that God is good...hence the reason maleness is out. but it just struck me as odd. and if man is the devil, does that REALLY rule out that god is male? i mean, according to legend the devil was once an angel in heaven. so...he was once good? so man is just more fallen that woman? ha! that still doesn't mean that God is a woman. Even if the man were not the devil, God could still be a woman! or at least both male and female. maybe the chinese have it right with the whole yin/yang thing. huh.


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