Tuesday, July 09, 2002

the most fun i've had in a while

At 1:15am, Ken and I went out for slurpees. In a thunderstorm. (the nearest 7-11 is roughly 1/3 mile from my house) Then we walked over to the lakefront, up to belmont, and back to my house. splashing through the flash flooding all the way! :-) I LOVE IT. I am soaking wet, we were freaked out every time there was lightning, thinking our umbrellas (mostly useless..though they did keep rain from running down our faces every nanosecond, instead of every 5 seconds) would conduct the lightning and we'd be fried, or if we were by trees that they would for sure get hit and burn and fall on us. It was scary out there by the lake! The thunder is REALLY loud too. In fact, my puter should probably be off right now. But back to the story: we're out walking (total roundtrip is roughly a mile) in a thunderstorm, slurping slurpees, splashing, getting soaked, etc. My streetcorner is flooded, as usual, so we took the opportunity to kick water on each other, etc. This woman who lives on the 15th floor of my building saw us and went around to the side door! lol. anyway...i'm very wet. my clothes are drying in the bathroom. the bonus of having rain-soaked hair (you know, where it's mostly wet but there are strands that are dry--so maybe 80% damp, 10% soaked, and 10% dry) is that I can pull it up in a claw clip and have porn-star hair. You know the kind. hehehe! i love playing in the rain!

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