Friday, July 19, 2002

I am so tired. I went to bed at 3am, and the workers who are redoing the brickwork on the building were drilling outside my window at 8am. I tried to continue sleeping, but was only partially successful. I wonder if anyone has a house they'd like to donate for me to sleep in right now?? How about an office with a sofa or something? I may be at church later...loads of people are off on fridays and probably wouldn't mind if I slept in their office, right?

So yesterday, (I meant to post this yesterday but forgot, sorry) I'm on the bus, going downtown. It's relatively crowded, particularly given that it was the middle of the day. There were probably about 20 people standing, and almost all the seats were filled too. Then two sitting people get off the bus, but the people who are standing around the seats all insist that they don't need to sit down. Meanwhile, up at the front, there are 10 people who need to move back so others can get on, and some of them would doubtless sit down. But the pride of these four guys is such that they won't concede that they'd like to sit down on the bus. People!! There is no shame in sitting down on the bus. Unless, of course, you cut off an old lady in the seat grab, or you sit down instead of your pregnant wife or something like that. But in everyday situations--JUST SIT DOWN and get out of the way! You are blocking the progress toward the back of the bus, and people can't get on. If you don't want to sit down (you are getting off in three stops anyway..whatever...) then MOVE BACK so that the people standing in the front, blocking the door, can sit down. Frankly (as a woman, speaking to the men who insist that they don't need to sit down), I'd rather see you sit down on the bus than see you be clumsy and fall on people because you aren't good at standing on the bus. Which do you think is more damaging to your image?


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