Monday, July 01, 2002

I have learned how to put those cool little pop-up notes on my hyperlinks. this blog is, once again, providing endless hours of amusement...

AND: I have decided to keep the door to my apartment open, because then air actually moves around and it's much less hot in here. Why I didn't think of this before, I'll never know.

I ran this morning. It was supposed to be coolest, with the lowest humidity and reasonable wind speeds, between 8 and 9, so I ran between 8 and 9. the weather channel may have lied to me. or changed the forecast between yesterday at 6pm and this morning at was very hot, quite humid, nearly wind-free (shocking, I know, in Chicago of all places!)...and can I just say that there are not nearly enough water fountains on the lakefront path between Belmont and Fullerton? None at all between Diversey and Fullerton. It seems bad that there's a half mile stretch with absolutely no water in sight, except for Lake Michigan. (which, can I just say, when it's not windy out there--UGH.)

I need to take a shower. and read yesterday's newspaper. and make an agenda for tonight's meeting. and go to church where it's air conditioned--so much that I was actually cold yesterday! woohoo!

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