Thursday, July 11, 2002

Ok. So I spent the majority of the day playing with my new Visor Edge. Don't make fun of me! It is excellent! I now have my entire address book, birthday book, calendar, and more! in this small piece of metal that is roughly the size of a medium-ish mobile phone (a little wider, that's all). Except that it is less than half an inch thick. It's amazing! and cute too! :-)


I am going to have ice cream in a little while. Because, after all, it is Ice Cream Wednesday. ICW for short.
What is ICW you ask?
It is a way for friends and friends of friends, and friends of friends of maintain a bond around the world. ICW transcends the boundaries of nation, religion, and class.
It's very simple, don't worry. There are just two rules.
1. You must eat ice cream on Wednesday.
2. If, for some reason, you are unable to eat ice cream on Wednesday, you must eat ice cream before the next wednesday.

In other words, you must eat ice cream at least once a week.

The idea is that as you eat ice cream, or as you gather with friends to eat ice cream, you are engaging in the same activity that your friends who are far away are engaging in! So, for example, this was started by Becky, her sister, and me. (yes that was grammatically correct so don't give me any crap about that...) Becky and I would go out for ice cream after rehearsals (which ended late on Wednesdays, hence the reason we have ICW and not like ICT or something--besides the fact that ICT sounds like one of those "technical schools" that spend all the money they bring in from tuition on advertising very late at night on shady radio stations. but i digress, as usual.) on Wednesdays. Becky's sister also ate ice cream on Wednesday evenings, due to her schedule. Then we got some more friends doing it. But soon, a few people moved away. Or we went off on long holidays (for example I spent two months in Scotland). When this happened, we continued to eat ice cream and remember our friends, also eating ice cream but somewhere else. And we got more people involved. So now ICW is a cross-cultural, global institution. There are ICW participants in Africa, Australia, Europe, the US and Canada, and China. And those are only the ones I know about!

It used to be that there was a rule that ice cream had to be eaten "out"--as in not at home. However, this proved to be economically exclusionary, and now any ice cream eating on wednesday qualifies.

Having said that, I'm going out for ice cream with a friend now.


"Eat Ice Cream!!"

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