Saturday, July 06, 2002

Well, I didn't end up going alone. Bradley came as well, which was excellent. I was so happy to see someone coming to Taize with me! :-)

Today I have done: not much. I typed meeting notes, have read a little, had some conversation with a friend, and procrastinated on finishing Les Mis. but now, really, I'm going to do it! I am!

first, however, Teri's tip for getting a sunburn # 26:
hydrate well post-burn. It really does feel better. And you're slightly less likely to peel, at least immediately. And if nothing else, you're well hydrated.

tip # 27:
STAY OUT OF THE SUN after you've been burned! This is highly important. for one thing, your burned skin will hurt like the devil if you expose it to more heat, sunlight, and UV rays. Also, you are more likely to burn MORE, and QUICKER, because your skin is already sensitive.

quick other news: my aunt is getting me a palm pilot for graduation. Soon (it should arrive in 3-5 days) I will be the most organized person. Ever. this palm does amazing things. It can be a computer for getting email, browsing the web,etc. It can be a mobile phone. It can be a calendar, checkbook register, address book, game name it, I can do it on my happy new palm. How exciting is that? You can check it out too! (I'm getting it in red...)

anyway. happy saturday!

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