Saturday, July 27, 2002

I remember. It was taco bell. So I'm in the taco bell in Target. The guy making stuff is clearly new. He looks at an order for a seven layer burrito with no sour cream (thus a six layer burrito, but whatever). He studiously discovers the ingredients and begins to assemble--proceeding doubtfully, with no one supervising--and clearly has no idea what's going on. I watch him put sour cream on it. Then he doesn't know how to fold a burrito. (Apparently he also doesn't know how to read the big order board flashing in big letters NO SOUR CREAM.) A woman comes over, inspects, discovers the SC, and redoes the whole thing in roughly the time it took him to squirt guacamole on. At long last I was in possession of a burrito. A Ten Minute Burrito, delivered into the hands of the Very Hungry Me. oy.

Well, I'm away on workcamp. We leave church in about 8 hours, probably, counting our delays and whatnot. Send your happy thoughts and prayers with this group: 15 senior high youth and 5 leaders are going to Jonesville, VA, to work with Appalachia Service Project on repairing houses and making them liveable. On the last day we are going whitewater rafting! yay! We are driving down there, so pray for safe drives, for casualty-free construction, and fun rafting. :-) I won't be posting until we get back: at the Very Earliest, late night on the 4th. More likely I'll be back on the 5th--because I'll probably be tired on the 4th. We'll have just driven back in one day. ugh. I'll see you then!


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