Wednesday, July 10, 2002

I am a straw chewer.

I bite straws that I am using to drink beverages (you know, starbucks, tea at the mall, etc...) and when i finish my drink the top of the straw is so flattened, it's a wonder that any liquid could even come through.

I'm not that weird, am I?

an aside to mom (who i know reads this regularly...): i did the interlochen thing online, yes i mailed grandma a letter, and whenever you want to leave for atlanta is fine. just let me know when your plane gets in. ;-)

my clothes are still damp. and my shoes--well, we won't go there. damp is drier than what they are.

Today we played with sparklers in the church courtyard. That was fun! :-)

my visor edge has arrived. I can pick it up in the receiving room between 8am and 4pm. I'll be down there around 8. :-)

i'm going to bed. i really am going to get at a reasonable hour tomorrow. if nothing else, i have a new toy to play with! :-)

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