Thursday, July 18, 2002

are you all a bunch of wusses or what? no questions, no guesses....hmm. Don't think that I'm going to just give up the answer to you if you wait long enough.

So anyway, we got these pillows, in navy. They are excellent. I want one for myself, actually! :-)

There was yet another bus crash in uganda. The roads and the vehicles used (in most of africa, actually) are so bad that there are several crashes a year--particularly during touristy times like now. Loads of people always die when they happen. It's just not good. oy.

It is so humid here today that the air is actually sort of foggy. ugh. my apartment isn't so hot (i have the door open and the fan blowing from the window toward the there's a bit of a breeze, which I am sitting in the middle of) but it's sticky. My skin feels damp, like I didn't fully dry off out of the shower, you know? ugh.

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